About Carrello


With over 40 years in the business, the brand Currie has been synonymous with professionalism, creativity and leadership in the salon industry. It is with great enthusiasm that Randy Currie introduces you to the Carrello beauty line.

Consisting of a perfect balance between nature and science, the Carrello beauty line is made in Italy and guaranteed for quality. Randy Currie has combined traditional Italian values such as history, style and elegance to create natural, gentle and healthy products. Our continuous research and development of new technologies guarantees natural wellbeing and radiant beauty as a result of each product. A deep knowledge of Italian territory and raw materials, a traditional processing method and the experience of manufacturers are the driving force behind the Carrello beauty line.
Carrello is visibly effective, designed to take care of the body with a touch of nature's softness and freshness. It uses a wide range of selected, high-quality products. Carrello beauty line is the perfect mix of nature and innovation. Within our products, restoration of hair brilliance and volume are possible with the use of specific moisturizing and regenerating properties of plant extracts, such as aloe and marigold. Active ingredients contained in natural emollients like shea butter, olive oil and cocoa butter, will help to regenerate and protect lips. For the face, plant extracts of squash, raspberry, pomegranate and blueberry, in synergy with vegetable oils, will help to maintain young, vibrant and hydrated skin.

Within the brand resides four lines of products: our Olive and Lavender line of hair and skincare; the Hydrating line of hair and body products; the high performance skincare line and high performance hair styling line. Science and tradition have proven to be the necessary ingredients to achieve a sheer and glowing beauty. With Carrello beauty line, this process has been taken even further by the additional infusion of passion and creativity used to invent products we are proud of - products to enhance your beauty within, named "Kind as Nature".
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